Daniel Alan Stasica – Aka Dan Farris

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August 17, 1956 ~ September 18, 2023

On September 18, 2023, the world said goodbye to a remarkable man, Daniel Alan Stasica, known to many as Dan Farris, at Ava’s House in Sioux Falls, SD, after a valiant battle with cancer.

A public Celebration of Life will be 6pm, Saturday, October 14, 2023, at the SD Military Heritage Alliance (1600 W Russell St. Sioux Falls).

Born on August 17, 1955, in Minneapolis, MN, Dan was a larger-than-life personality, blending charisma with humor in a way that endeared him to all who knew him.

Dan was a blend of many worlds – a jokester with a contagious laugh, a pillar in the community with his larger-than-life presence, and a cherished public figure. Yet, for all the roles he played in public, it was in private where his depth truly shone. Recognizing that life’s essence lies in the relationships we build, he was a dedicated father, brother, son, and friend.

He leaves behind a legacy of love and memories for his daughter, Sadie Hayes Ragans of Tallahassee, FL; son, Luke Anthony Stasica of Portland, OR; brothers Bradley Stasica, of Rogers, MN, and Randy Stasica, of Brooklyn Center, MN; and grandchildren, Henry Lee Ragans and Eleanor Ann Ragans, of Tallahassee, FL.

Dan’s spirit will continue to be celebrated by all those who loved him, including his many devoted friends who were by his side until the very end.

Though the world is a bit dimmer without his spirit, we celebrate the richness of a life well-lived.

Tribute to Dan by Trav Jacobs

With Black & Mild smoke in the air, we talked about how long we thought people remember you after you’re gone. Knowing his time here was nearing the end Dan Farris said “ I hate to put this on you T-Dog but I’d like you to write some kind of Eulogy thing to let people know when I’m gone” He called me T-Dog and also christened me with the nickname Love Shack.  I called him DanielSon and I’ve admired his genius, quickness, and talent since I was a kid. Dan, in his words, loved “how beautiful and nasty” his jet-black Ford Mustangs were. I went home and wrote him this poem. I hated knowing the day would come soon that I would have to post it. Today is that day.

If a black Mustang was a man
That would be my friend Dan
Sleek & Seen
Every interaction memorable
Not afraid to leave an impression or tire marks
All rules and regulations are optional
And a laugh that always roared like a Ford
There’s nothing more honest on the earth than a man that says everything
There’s no guessing where they stand
You always knew that about Dan
No sugar coating, teeter-tottering or softening
Always shooting straight from the mind, heart, and hip
A courageous and honorable way to live
Living from the heart
When we leave this planet, and we all will
I’m not sure how many years they remember our names
But I am sure of a couple of things
Laughter lives on
Love lives on
These things echo endlessly around the world through the people we loved and laughed with
It carries on forever
If you know Dan then you know how he loves his family more than anything on this earth
You also know his talent is out of this world
He probably gave you at least one nickname
And you always knew he was in your corner whenever you needed him  
Life is hard, and brutal at times
It can change a person in a lot of ways
It can wear down the spirit and erode away the desire to keep going through the pain
Viktor Frankel said “Humor is one of the soul’s greatest weapons”
God gifted Dan with a warehouse full of weaponry and Dan used every single bullet
Dan is undefeated in this arena
Like a boxer that went 15 championship rounds in the ring and still had a smile on his face and found ways to keep putting smiles on ours
Couldn’t be more proud of him
I will always share stories about him
Look forward to the day we all get to see him again
Love you DanielSon
Thank you for laughing and loving so many of us and doing it in your original, authentic, and wonderful “one-of-a-kind” kinda way
PS: Dan wanted to sign off with these words: “Thanks for the ride, I truly do love you all”…….

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  • Tommy Jeans says:

    So heartbroken to hear of the passing of my beloved friend Dan. I met Dan in 1982 when we went to Brown Institute together. Was a small class and we were all tight with one another. Dan was the ringleader since he was the big city guy from Minneapolis and the rest of us were from rural parts of Minnesota. He said we’re from the sticks. I’ll never forget the time Dan took my keys in class and drove my car to one of the worst parts of Minneapolis and left it. He finally fessed up to taking my car, and took me to it. He was quite the card. I hooked up with him in Sioux Falls after I saw him co hosting a country music program on a cable tv program. We met and laughed at our school days. I spent 25 years in television and the last 15 years as a Police Chief. Yes, he laughed at me being a cop too. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019 and got busy and lost touch with Dan. I will always remember Dan and the good times we had with one another. Rest in peace my friend.

  • Rick and Sherry Mohr says:

    The great entertainer!!! We so enjoyed working with Dan and listening to him on the radio! Many great memories! God bless!

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