Dwight Lee Duimstra

November 28, 1943 ~ October 24, 2014

Duimstra, Dwight-oval
Visitation will be 6-8PM, Monday, October 27, 2014, at Heartland Funeral Home, with family present. Funeral services will be 2PM, Tuesday, October 28, also at Heartland Funeral Home. Interment will be at the Colton Cemetery. A reception will follow at Mr. D’s.
Dwight Lee Duimstra was born November 28, 1943, in San Antonio, TX, to Dr. Fred and Elma Lee (Ray) Duimstra. The family moved to Sioux Falls in Dwight’s early childhood years where he attended school and graduated from Washington High School. Dwight worked for the Sioux Falls Police Dept. for eight years before he quit to run for Sioux Falls City Council. In 1983, he purchased the Sportsman’s Bar and operated it for 23 years. He then opened Mr. D’s in 2007 and it was his favorite place to be .He loved his business and his customers.
Dwight had many passions but his most favorite was his family; his six children and his seven grandchildren. He also loved to to scuba dive and was a certified instructor. Hand guns and target shooting also was a way he loved to pass his time. Anyone who knew Dwight knew that loved cars and women…fast and hot! Dwight also loved animals. His collection of ducks, rabbits, cockatoo, dogs, and turtles in his bathtub were a testament for his love.
Sadly, Dwight, 70, died Friday, October 24, 2014, at home following a lengthy battle with cancer.
Dwight is survived by his six children, Paul Duimstra, Christina Petterson, Ann Reurink, Sindy Metha, Shelleen Weeks, and Cody Duimstra; and seven grandchildren; his pets and a whole host of friends.
Dwight was preceded in death by his parents.
A memorial has been established in Dwight’s memory.

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  • Amy Hanley-Davis says:

    Dwight, you were a good man with a heart filled with lots of love. You made an impact in this world for the better. Thoughts are with your family.

  • Dean Lechner says:

    I got to know Dwight early in the 1980’s. I went with my dad down to the Sportsman’s and he introduced me to Dwight. We became good friends that day. We spent a loot of Saturday mornings drinking beer and shooting Darts. Some Days he would win all day, and some days I would win. He was at my wedding in 1985. I lost track of him over the last few years, which seems to all ways happen with good friends. I just want to let you all know that your Dad – Grand-Dad was a good man and a great friend!! “Rest in Peace” my friend!!

  • Kurt Tommeraasen says:

    To the family of Dwight.
    I never got to know Dwight. But from what I heard from people he was a great guy to be around. He will be missed , but never forgotten in peoples hearts. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know my brother Jared will miss him being around. Now he can be an angel and watch over everyone that Dwight came in contact with.

  • Royce and Deanna Adams says:

    Dee and I have known Dwight for over 50 years. As time progressed and our families grew we did not see a lot of each other, but the friendship was always there. I saw Dwight only a week or so before he left us. I had no idea he was ill. It was hard to say goodbye as we did that day, but I am thankful I stopped to see him. I said a prayer for him that day. He reminded me that I am not immortal, a fact I have often overlooked. That day Dwight said “It’s been nice knowing you Royce”. That memory will stay with me forever. A day will come when perhaps we will see each other and laugh about life again. Rest in peace Dwight.
    Royce and Deanna Adams (Dee was Dwight’s classmate at Washington High School)

  • Sarah Riley Scott says:

    One of the most difficult person to lose is a precious, dearly loved Father. The void can never be filled but good memories will last forever. There are no words that can unbreak your heart at this time. Remembering all the good times will help heal the void you now feel. The scriptures from God’s word can also give solace to a broken heart. . Psalms 147: 3 say “He is healing the brokenhearted ones”. Our redeemer Jesus Christ says at John 5:28, 29 “the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life….” So we look forward to that time when we will see our most loved ones again in paradise. May the comfort from the scriptures bring the family peace. I hope you will allow the love of family and friends expressed through their support and prayers, in the weeks and months to come, to help you heal your hearts.

  • Patty Kuehn says:

    I spent my 50th birthday on May 8, 2014 with Dwight at Mr’D’s. Although I had not seen him for a year or more I was compelled to go see him on my birthday. I’m so very happy that I did because just a very short 5 months later he is no longer with us. He was a friend for over twenty years and a wonderful man. He always had a smile and a gentle way about him. My girlfriends and I shot for Dwight’s pool team out of the Sportsmans Bar. He enjoyed the name we came up with “Dwight’s Dangerous Dames” Dwight welcomed his son Cody just 2 months before I had my daughter Brittany. I will miss Dwight as so many will and I pray that everyone will take comfort in knowing that Dwight is at peace in heaven now.

  • Lee Fahy says:

    Being one of Dwight’s bartenders at the Sportsman’s in the late 1980’s I got to know him pretty well. If you treated him fairly,and with respect thats how you were treated.We had our disagrements over certain patrons,but generally got along well.My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • Cheri Callies & Al Helwig says:

    Our hearts go out to all of Dwight’s children, and grandchildren during this difficult time.
    We have so many good memories of Dwight that we could go on and on with so many stories. Most of us know just how much fun Dwight liked to have pulling his pranks on everybody. Will never ever forget when he bought the Sportsman’s.. Those were the good old days !!
    May God comfort each and everyone and bring you peace.
    Take care and God Bless
    Al & Cheri

  • Allen williams says:

    Would like to thank Dwight for hiring me at a time when times were tough and teaching me to be a bartender as a employer he taught me to communicate with people of all types. He also was a great person away from work. He will be always be in my memory so thank you Dwight.

  • Tim Johnson says:

    The Duimstras were on my paper route when I was young. First corvette I ever saw was Dwight’s. He was always nice to me. May he rest in peace.

    Tim Johnson

  • I just got word about Dwight’s passing this morning..and am a bit shocked cause I seen him a few weeks ago but never got the chance ti stop and say hi!! Dwight hired me in the 90’s to bartend for his bar..the sportsman’s..and I always thought it was funny that at the back door was a sticker saying..” You are now leaving the twilight zone come back again. Lol I’m so very sorry he suffered w cancer for so long..that’s just such girruvle pain..I hope he wasn’t in too much before he passed.. I grew up going to the sportsman’s and never thought I’d see the day when he was no longer w us..I’m so glad I had a chance to know his family..and got to hang out in one of the funniest bars ever! You will be sadly missed. But I hope at least you’ll be party in up in heaven. Cause D’s place or a will definitely

  • Debby Engles says:

    I just found out.
    MY dear I will miss you dearly. You were and always and forever be in my heart and my thoughts. You always had a hug and kiss for me every time I seen you. Open arms for me whenever I needed to have a good cry. I worked for Dwight at times. I played with cody when he was young, so did my kids. cody will b loved always. He always had a kind word a smile!!!!

    We miss you Dwight and cody. All our love
    Debby Michael Kimberlee

  • Heather Hansen-Sympson says:

    I first met Dwight at the Sportsman’s. During our conversations, we discovered that he and my Dad had been friends many years ago when he started with soap box derby. He always had a quick smile and even quicker wit. When I got a different car, I always took it down to show him and we’d go for a drive. Had many a great pool games with him on slow afternoons…. Never 86’d you if you drove your bike into the place and lent you his ear or shoulder if you were having a bad day. He will be missed by many and my thoughts & prayers go out to his family, ….. especially Cody who stayed in my home with his Mom when he was about 4 or 5 years old. I’m sorry I missed his celebration of life ceremony.

    Heather Sympson

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