Ophelia Gaye (Jocelia D. Shar)

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The Sunrise, June 14, 1976 ~ The Sunset, May 31, 2017

In loving memory of Ophelia Gaye, or as most people know her, Jocelia D. Shar. Ophelia, 40, of Sioux Falls, died Wednesday, May 31, 2017, at the Dougherty Hospice Home in Sioux Falls.

Visitation will be 6:00~10:00 PM, Friday, June 23, 2017, at New Hope Community Church, 1001 E. 6th St., Sioux Falls (6th and Cliff). Funeral Services will begin at 9:00 AM, Saturday, June 24, also at New Hope Community Church. Burial will follow at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery of Sioux Falls.

Ophelia was born on June 14, 1976, in Gwein Town, Grand Gedeh, Liberia, West Africa, under the union of Mr. Jeremiah D. Shar and Mrs. Nancy T. Shar. She started her elementary in Gray D. Allison Elementary and JR High School in 1981-1990, at Barclay Training Center (BTC), Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. In 1990, Ms. Gaye left Liberia with her parents and her older sister, Sarah S. Gaye, and her nieces and nephews, to the Ivory Coast, as a refugee. In 2004, she was blessed to resettle in America with her two beautiful children, Cynthia and Victoria.

Ophelia loved music. She was an outgoing person who loved people and helping them. She was a loving and caring mother. Everybody loved her in our family and community. She was a strong believer of God. Jocelia D. Shar will be missed by everyone. We love you, but God loves you most.

Ophelia Gaye (Jocelia Shar) was blessed with three beautiful children; Cynthia Shar, Victoria Gaye, Michelle Gaye. Ms Gaye was the youngest of seven children; Lucy S. Shar — deceased, Nancy K. Shar, Sarah Shar Gaye, Josephe B. Shar, Benjamin L. Shar –deceased, Charles D. Shar, Ophelia Shar Gaye —deceased.

May your soul rest in perfect peace. We’ll miss you mommy.

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  • Kurt says:

    To the family and friends of Ms. Gaye–please accept my sincere sympathies. Your grief is heavy right now, but I hope that your memories of her can strengthen your hearts, and you may find comfort as well from the words at Revelation 21:4.

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